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Opening Reception
Friday, October 1,
6pm to 9pm

I have admired Brent Skidmore’s furniture for a long, long time. I am incredibly excited to be finally able to showcase his work – some of the most innovative, dynamic, and playfully elegant studio furniture in the field today. I’m proud to present this small collection of works as a preview to Brent’s SOFA debut this November.

Brent’s current body of sculptural works challenges our notions of what furniture is supposed to be; each piece meets its utilitarian obligations, but dares to be far more. Indeed, his visual misdirection – the trompe l’oeil of wood appearing as stone, bamboo, or bone – engages us more deeply, forcing us to really view the piece as sculpture. Even the more traditional forms (buffet, bar) illustrate this transition, and are treated with a more graceful, painterly composition as a counterpoint to their anthropomorphic elements.
Brent’s work has always been animated; his most recent pieces operate at a higher, more subtle level. The seeming impossibility of his assemblages implies motion – a kinetic event we must await. Through Brent’s treading (and blurring of) the fine line between function and form, the viewer finds herself responding to the sculptural aspects of the functional works, and seeking the function in the one purely sculptural form; with this series, Brent has illustrated the true definition of “functional art”.


"Peace, Balance, Boys, Boulders and Bamboo", 2003 - Basswood, Poplar, MDF, Acrylic Paints and Steel - 96" x 38" x 24" - $4700.- "Bar Bones Boo", 2003 - Pommele Sapele, Mahogany, Birch, Poplar, MDF and Acrylic Paints - 35" x 58" x 20" - $4400. - Rock Amor Mirror, 2004 - Basswood, Acrylic paint, Mirror - 60 x 22" x 4" - $3200.

ARTIST STATEMENT: A desire for better understanding of energies, emotions and events in and around my life compels me to make sculpture and furniture. These inspirations may range from particular sexual/personal energy, an emotion or response, a particular happening (past, present or imagined) as well as a real or imagined place/space.
Through an open creative process, which includes many drawings, I hope the work will develop personality and uniqueness associated with, but not limited to the energies, emotions and events that inspired its conception. At the same time, I want to jog similar circuits in those that view and use my pieces.
The manipulation of humor, awkward form relationships, introduction of real or implied function and the use of color are in response to my existence. These form and color relationships help me to celebrate humor as a strong elixir; it heals

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