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--February 18th through April 16th


On February 18, Function + Art will open “Heavy Metal – part 1” a group survey of metal sculpture, furniture, constructions and objects from a dozen artists from across Chicago, the Midwest and beyond. There will be a free, opening reception from 6-9 pm on Friday Feb 18th, and the exhibition will continue through April 16.

This exhibition demonstrates and celebrates the dual nature of metal: the juxtaposition of mass and strength against fluidity and malleability. Works in mild and stainless steel, aluminum, copper, bronze, cast iron and pewter will be featured, from elegant vessels to flamboyant sculptures and sleek furniture. Techniques represented include casting fabricating, raising and forging, with finishes ranging from raw to refined.

Accomplished painter Nancy Thayer (MI) relies on steel as her canvas, using both pigments and patinas as her palette. Also from MI is a new work by nationally-recognized sculptor Ray Katz (whose work is also on display in the Skokie sculpture park and on the campuses of Oakton Community College).

Chicago talent is well-represented: raised copper vessels by Darlys Ewoldt, bronze furniture by stalwart David Orth, and newcomer Seymour Sabesin’s fabricated steel sculptures. From farther downstate, renowned sculptor John Medwedeff’s steel dining table is a centerpiece of the show.

From the east & west extremes of the Nation… we are proud to add Arizona artist Sarah Obrecht’s artifact-inspired woven steel and copper sculptures… new work by Robert Federico of NY, who combines found objects and photo-etching to illustrate his social commentary/narrative on rampant consumerism, and accessible small works by perhaps America’s greatest metalsmith: Albert Paley.

Opening Reception - Friday, February 18 - 6 to 9pm

- February 18 - April 16, 2005

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Robert Federico


Aluminum, copper, pennies, plywood, resin. Photo-etched copper plates laminated with aluminum and resin embedded pennies.
26" x 18" x 4"

When I dream about the various things I would posess, at a certain point, a process of accounting occurs. A kind of transmutation of one thing into another. Even a piece of copper can have an image that translates into a dream or a desire.

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Nancy Thayer

"Book of the Earth"
Acrylic / Oxidized Steel
23 x 23"

As a painter, I have worked with abstract interpretations of the landscape for over 20 years. Most recently I have been experimenting with cold patination on ferrous materials, attempting to gain control over the various hues caused by oxidizing steel. I am in fact painting with the various patinas and relating the results to similarly composed painted panels. MORE

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Paul Freundt

Aluminum Bench
38 x 20 x 16"

Currently, I am studying the expression of form in both ancient and primitive cultures, abstracting those elements which I find adaptable to furniture design. While primarily a metal worker, I am presently interested in the occasional use of stone and wood. MORE

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Richard Bennett

“Dolphin” cocktail table
Fabricated and powder-coated steel
with polished stainless steel.
16”h x 33”w x 70”

A self-taught sculptor and furniture designer from Detroit, his works have been exhibited in major cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, Paris, and Tokyo . Mr. Bennett has also executed a number of important public commissions, including several for Detroit’s Museum of African-American History. Private furniture, architectural, or sculptural commissions are truly this man’s forte! MORE


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Sarah Obrecht

“Variegated Cluster #3"
Mixed Metals and patina
28 x 7 x 5"

These objects are a botanical specimen collection, focusing on isolated details such as leaves, berries, or pods. Multiples and contrasting textures are explored in response to natural forms. Elements are layered/clustered for their tactile quality, visual stimulation and the comfort of repetition. MORE


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David Orth

Occasional Table #7353
Bronze & Steel
57 x 28 x 12"
Custom heights and widths available.

In the early years Orth worked innocently, "just building solid, truthful furniture". This simple, rigorous process evolved slowly into a reputation for startling, provocative structures and a haunting facility with metals, woods, and other materials. Orth articulates his themes through dynamic structural relationships alluding to the forgotten and hidden forces in life. Current work appropriates both humble & exotic woods as well as weathered and patinated metals . MORE

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