Function+Art, announces a special Summer Spotlight Exhibition:
"BDS-3 - Facets of Glass"
Featuring ALL NEW works by 3 of our most popular artists!

PIERCED - 8"x6"x2" - cast, cut and polished glassI feel as if I am a explorer. With each piece I make I prepare for a journey, I have a general idea where I want to go, but I never know where the path will lead me. Each piece I work on I set out in the hopes of discovering something new and exciting. As any explorer my journeys are filed with ups and downs, disappointments and breakthroughs, however with each piece I am sure to gain knowledge and insight which is the excitement that brings me to my studio every day. MORE

FLASH - 8"x9"x3" - cast, cut and polished glass

"Alpha" Series - Pedestal TableIn my work I try to express the dual nature of glass- the sensuality and fluidity of hot glass and the cold, hard and dangerous connotation of flat glass. In my latest work I use stainless steel for table frames in the same way; the cold, sterile connotation of the stainless is contrasted with the energetic patterning on the surface. MORE

Wall Shelf - Blown & Plate Glass

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1046 W. Fulton Market
Chicago IL 60607
(312) 243-2780

Optical Perfume Bottle"As an artist I come from a sense of design and an aesthetic which is purely artistic. The places I have lived and the wide variety of cultures I've experienced have undoubtedly given me a sense of life's possibilities and richness and I celebrate that. I have no message or outrage to convey. It comes simply from my interior - whatever is there, conscious or unconscious.I don't try to analyze it. I believe in the sensibilities of the individual - I create what I enjoy and enjoy what I create. Glass is for me the perfect medium because it has it all: dimension, clarity, color, opacity, reflectivity,and environmental presence." MORE

Dichroic Triangle