FUNCTION+Art presents:

"Binh Pho: Allegories"

Meet the Artist/Opening Reception and Demonstration:
Friday October 5, 2007
5 to 8 p.m. - No fee.

Impossibly delicate & elegant turned wood & cast glass sculptural vessels
from a world-renowned Chicagoan.

"Life defies definition. Attempts to control it will always fail to recognize the sum of all its interdependencies."

Binh Pho was a sophomore majoring in architecture when the Vietnam War ended in Saigon. Refusing to accept the reality of Communism, he attempted his first escape, only to have it end in a re-education camp. After trying again three more times, his day arrived: he and 38 companions reached freedom after seven days in a small boat floating across the Gulf of Siam to Malaysia.

From that day on, Pho began his life again, turning toward wood as a symbol of living things. Piercing and carving a fresh-cut log or piece of timber, he creates negative space in his lathe-turned designs to represent the unseen weight of the unknown.

Exhibition runs through November 4, 2007 (SOFA Chicago)
Gallery Hours: Tuesday thru Saturday, 10am to 6pm, other times by appointment.

Artist: Binh Pho
Above image: "Black and White" Cast Glass/Mixed Media, Carved Wood/Mixed Media - 7"h x 4"dia. each

Image Inquiries: 312-243-2780 / email

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