Todd Wolfe is a spirital craftsman, with uncanny ability to convey his personality and very self into every piece - interacting with his furniture is to establish a relationship with it's maker. Educated at the GENOA Institute in NY, his commitment was such that he actually became its director for a short time. From there, he returned to his studio where he has spent the last ten years producing custom works and pieces for exhibition at some of the nation's most prestigious galleries and shows. "When I went looking for a school in 1988 where I could learn to build furniture, I had no desire to build anything but traditional reproductions. Now my days are consumed with experimenting with surface texturing using chisels, rasps, and grinders and exploring the interaction of textured organic forms and clean straight lines. My enjoyment of my wife and three children and the time I spend working with the youth group at our church in rural New York where I live and work."




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