Artist Statement

What can I say? I like to make things. I have done it all my life. I am constantly collecting images and ideas in my mind and building furniture helps me clear some space to fill up again. Since 1997 I have basically been held captive by the possibilities of bent planes held in tension. Since then I have worked with sheets of wood, steel, and composites and have painted and wrapped my designs. I am not a purist craftsman, but am mostly interested in seeing my designs in reality. I like to build things quickly, in a simple, sensible way that generates a practical quality.
I am interested in beauty, durability, sustainability and, believe it or not, function. There is difficulty, however, in giving new shapes to old functions.

This is what keeps me going; to find that perfect combination of beautiful shape made with honest structure, durability for real life, and comfort for the real body and real mind.

Thresher (pictured above)
Steel & patina
19 x 33 x 92”




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