Veronica Stewart began her career in basketry in 1989, when she took courses in basketry for personal interest. She then began to teach herself from textbooks. She has been showing her work since 1991. In addition, she has an active career as a massage therapist.

Veronica works with natural elements, which she gathers from the beaches and meadows near her home. She is a member and student of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and this pursuit has influenced her work. Rather dm embellishing her pieces with nature, she allows the natural forms to suggest a structure for the baskets. She feels that we have lost our intimate connection with nature, but believes that we all have the ability to reconnect and communicate with nature on an intuitive level

Veronica's work has been featured in BASKETS-A BOOK FOR MAKERS AND COLLECTORS, by Billie Ruth Sudduth. Her baskets may be seen in The League of Maryland Craftsmen in Annapolis, Maryland and Cordwainer Gallery in Bedford, New Hampshire. She has participated in Sugarloaf Craft Festivals in Gaithersburg, Maryland; Artscape in Baltimore, Maryland; Quiet Waters Festival in Annapolis, Maryland; and Artsfest at Ann Marie Garden in Solomon, Maryland.


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