I’ve been involved in designing and building furniture more than 20 years. I have formal training in architecture, culminating in a master’s degree from Virginia Tech in 1971, and I’ve studied with several woodworking mentors. Most important, though, is my passionate interest in all aspects of fine woodworking and design which I have intensely studied on my own and which led me to pursue the art of handcrafted furniture as a full-time occupation since1999.

I give equal emphasis to craftsmanship, design and selection of the finest materials available. My finished works are characterized by an uncluttered, organic flow of lines and shapes. My designs are intended to transcend the dictates of any particular school or style and to be intrinsically appealing on the strength of their roots in time-honored principles of form and proportion.

Ode to James
jatoba with wenge doorpulls and inlays
29 x 24 x 13"

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