In order to maintain the highest standards in my work,I personally perform all of the work necessary to create my pottery. I unify the interior and exterior of my bowls with color and texture to achieve a seamlessness not usually found in ceramics vessels.

There are multiple steps I must use to create a piece of my artwork. I first start with a ball of clay which I hand form on the potters wheel. This technique known as "throwing" allows me to make every piece unique in size and shape. While the clay is still very soft, I use a variety of handmade tools to press into the clay to create my patterns and textures. I never use any molds or stencils, all of the uniformity in my patterns are achieved by eye. Living in Florida, I am very much influenced by the tropical plants found in my surroundings. I try to emulate the natural patterns of expansion and growth into my work by pushing the boundaries of form and surface. To finish the work, I spray multiple layers of matte glazes to the surface of the piece. This technique allows me to highlight the textures, which gives a soft, almost glowing, unique translucent quality to each piece.




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