BIOSwell Life with Apple - Maple, Basswood and Acrylic paints - 38 x 35 x 14 Collaboration with K. Nielsen, B. Nelson, M. Werner and J. Russell at Emma Lake Conference on Collaboration - $4400.

Born 1965, Louisville, KY...
At the age of five, many conflicts were evident for me and I should have been warned that these differences might be driving forces for sometime. The story has been told that I leaned forward in the 69 white VW bug and expressed my desire to become a lawyer and work part time at my favorite department store, “Tops”. This desire was one of extreme practicality and GREED. The latter is the driving force for many toddlers and still serves me very well today.
It would take years of continual encouragement and suggestions by many wonderful mentors for me to pursue art as my passion. As it turns out it was just that, PASSION that allowed for my creation. Special thanks go out to my two most important mentors in my life, Sonny and Jan. Without these two I wouldn’t know what it was like to drive a backhoe, live in a Mediterranean décor, know the Beatles and experience the true devotion of a dog.
My pursuit and the desire associated with art making have turned out to be the best gift anyone could have been given (most days). As many, I was quite open to suggestion as a teenager and during this time it was Mildred Fraley, Millie, who made a lasting impression with a move out of her high school office to make it my studio. Thanks Mrs. Fraley for your efforts and my introduction to Murray State University. May you rest in peace and know that you have made an immeasurable difference in my life.
I have countless memories, which serve as inspiration, of the folks who have given strength to my creative voice. Paul thanks so much for reminding me at the ripe age of 21 that I was the “only #$%&#!!@ 40 year old” you knew at the time. Georgia thanks for also continually reminding me to “loosen up” a little and to everyone that ever encouraged me to enter a show, thank you.
So here I am almost 35 years later working part time as a lawyer (not) while still pursuing the dream of a good toy discount. All of this allows me to know (and gives me the confidence needed) what to call myself, artist, furniture maker, sculptor, teacher and now dad.

œPlateaus Noir”, 2002, Poplar, Maple and Acrylic Paint  - 22 x 22 x 25 - $2200. pairArtist’s Statement
A desire for better understanding of energies, emotions and events in and around my life compels me to make sculpture and furniture. These inspirations may range from particular sexual/personal energy, an emotion or response, a particular happening (past, present or imagined) as well as a real or imagined place/space.
Through an open creative process, which includes many drawings, I hope the work will develop personality and uniqueness associated with, but not limited to the energies, emotions and events that inspired its conception. At the same time, I want to jog similar circuits in those that view and use my pieces.
The manipulation of humor, awkward form relationships, introduction of real or implied function and the use of color are in response to my existence. These form and color relationships help me to celebrate humor as a strong elixir; it heals


The passion for discovery through self-expression persuades me to be an artist and is part of the driving force that compels me to teach art. I wish to convey this passion by stressing the vital importance of self-expression through the Arts. Students should be instructed in a manner that encourages personal growth and inspires individual expression through a visual language. This language of forms should be a contemporary one. The premise that endless possibilities of expression exist must be constantly relayed to the student.
I believe the importance of art history and studio classes lies in the opportunity for the student to develop a heightened sensitivity for visual compositions while seeking a new form of critical thinking. This new form of critical thinking allows the student to develop new ways of looking at their self and society. I find teaching especially rewarding when I am able to present projects and attitudes that stimulate the student to look within and search for their own expressive language. Students should be exposed to a mixture of historical, societal and imaginary possibilities, as well as a variety of materials, tools and techniques that will enable them to discover their individual approach to art. History should also be an important part of art classes, to help convey humankind’s continuous search for new modes of personal expression.
Individual attention, encouragement and a very active teaching/learning process are essential factors in a successful learning experience. Challenging the student to question and reevaluate self-expression is another duty of the teacher. I believe the teacher’s responsibility to the learning process does not end with the student. By assuming the role of educator, one should also be committed to continued self-education. It is necessary that a teacher of art be productive and active in his/her creative endeavors. When the teacher stops learning, so does the student.


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