I have been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember. My parents say I was even a “stressed out kindergartner,” which explains my attraction to the field of metalsmithing and jewelry design. I enjoy pushing myself to create flawless original work, and therefore often use clean, geometric shapes and lines in the underlying structures of my pieces. The success of my work lies in the combination of this technical precision and the personal content of the pieces.
My current body of work deals with different treatments for the symptoms of depression. Having suffered from severe depression for most of my life, this subject is very personal and important to me. I have undergone many forms of therapy, including medication, acupuncture, and even electro-convulsive therapy. I have chosen to focus my work on methods of recovery as a cathartic way of dealing with the constant struggle I have faced in coping with my illness. By making tangible objects that embody this meaning to me, I can remove myself enough from both the symptoms and their arduous treatments to temporarily dissociate myself from them, and see them as a source of creative inspiration.
In my Acupuncture Series, I have incorporated an enormous number of acupuncture needles—more than two-thousand total in the series—which illustrates the seemingly endless number of needles used over the course of many sessions, as well as the repetitive nature of dealing with daily crises. Although people who have undergone acupuncture may have a different reaction to the materials than those who find them unfamiliar, the effect of the delicate yet dangerous needles undulating with each movement of the wearer is universally powerful and fascinating.
My Insomnia Series incorporates several different sleeping pills that I have personally used to combat insomnia, another symptom of depression. The brightly colored capsules, set in the context of bold and repetitive forms, contradict their intended use for sedation. The pieces allude to a need to sleep as a means to escape, and the excessive number of pills implies that they could also be used as a method of suicide.

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