"I am interested in using clay as a way of capturing time, recording everyday events, and shaping a personal history. Clay has an extremely long and widespread history as a functional and artistic medium and hence has served as a record of customs and beliefs of cultures throughout the world, transmitting ideas from one moment in history to another.

As an artist living in New York I find inspiration in the remarkably diverse population that coexists in the city today. My work has been influenced by the ongoing creation and adaptation of material culture which is a direct result of this diversity. I am also drawn to the physical aspects of the city: buildings, modes of transportation and public spaces. I have therefore set myself through my work to explore and develop surfaces which reference urban aesthetic sources: cracked streets and sidewalks, peeling walls, outdoor advertisements. Recognizing that the smallest detail of the urban fabric has imbedded within it the history of daily life in the city, I interpret them in my ceramics both to come to a better understanding of my place within this fabric and also to record a bit of its history.

I use a vast range of glazes, which are applied freely and then reworked in layers that I scrape and scratch, sgraffito-like, to expose different layers. My pieces are generally the result of multiple firings, a process which gives me the opportunity to begin anew each time I pull my work out of the kiln, and to consider which elements from a particular firing I want to preserve in the final product."


e-mail: director@functionart.com | phone: 312.243.2780