Artist Statement

My interest in using heavy metal, as a sculptural medium, was sparked by the influence of David Smith, Anthony Caro and Chicago’s own Richard Hunt. These artists expanded upon the earlier constructed, direct metal sculpture of Julio Gonzalez, and Pablo Picasso, to create abstract forms, sometimes with figurative references, which provided a three dimensional approach to the work of the abstract expressionists working in graphic media. The possibilities of direct metal sculpture, was immediately appealing to me, since the physical characteristics of iron, steel, and its many alloys, enable the artist to construct almost limitless abstract forms not possible with other sculptural materials, in which subtraction, rather than addition of components, is the major technique. Coming from a deep interest in abstract art, and admiring the pioneering work of Kandinsky, and the intuitive approach to form as described by Matisse, I felt that direct metal sculpture would afford me the best opportunity to create pure abstract forms which have no conscious reference, or relevance, to known objects.

My work therefore, is intuitive, and results in the construction of abstract compositions, which are not conceptual, referential or political. The compositions are not titled, and are meant to be enjoyed by the viewer , who can bring his or her interpretation to the sculptural object.


Seymour has studied at Haystack and Penland with several very well known heavy metal artists, including: David Secrest, Gordon Chandler, and Rick Smith. He has also worked in the studio of Konreid Muensch, of Tucson, Arizona for several years.


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