Artist Statement

Of all the mediums I have explored, glass has been the most seductive. From my first experience with the molten glass, the substance - with its intense heat and dynamic properties, consumed me. In the objects I create, I try to convey objects of beauty and grace. Sometimes that beauty and grace is soft and sensual, other times it is hard edged and jagged.

Once the glass is gathered from the furnace with a blowpipe, the process of shaping each individual object with tools made from steel, wood and paper can begin. Through continuous re-heats, application of colors and more gathering of clear glass, each object is created. The total time invested, sweat is lost and desire for perfection does not necessarily mean each piece is a masterwork. After the cooling process, normally between 12 and 24 hours, each piece is evaluated. Imperfect pieces are then recycled. The rest are then cold worked, ground and polished or carved and sandblasted, before being displayed. Whether hand blown or hot sculpted, I personally create each and every piece. For complex color applications an assistant is employed to bring hot bits of glass, which I then apply.

My relationship with glass has evolved over time and will continue to do so as I become more intimate with and knowledgeable of this fiery substance.



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