Lounge Skeletal Chair 34"h 32"w 32"d White Oak (fumed and bleached) and Aluminum $4900.00Alex Roskin received his BFA degree in sculpture from Alfred University, School of Art and Design, and then honed his craft in a traditional English-style furniture apprenticeship. He earned his MFA in Furniture design soon after at the Rhode Island School of Design. He is now an assistant professor at Hofstra University teaching sculpture and 3-d design.

Alex believes that a firm footing in craft (whatever craft that may be, from hand cutting dovetails to the perfectly beaded TIG weld) is the first step to understanding how to work a material toward successful expression. Alex’s most recent work grew out of his reverence for anatomy. His skeletal series reflects the seemingly simple yet highly complex mechanics of this physical armature. The skeletons’ hardened mineral forms left behind in its peaceful retires after all else has dissolved.

The function of furniture (the chair specifically) offers a challenge to the maker, which is absent in a piece made solely to be looked at. The scale, ergonomics, engineering, and finally sculptural intent must all be thoroughly examined and integrated for a piece to succeed in this level of personal experience.
Skeletal Stool 18"h 26"w 24"d White Oak (fumed and bleached) Brass $2500.00


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