Artistic Statement  

A stock ticker communicates the universal language of a capitalist economy. Its dynamic combinations of symbol and price speak to a wide range of individuals on many levels. I blend the real New York Stock Exchange symbols with imaginary ones to form phrases based on literature, musical lyrics, or well-loved expressions.


"Devils Drive"

Acrylic & Oil on Canvas
10 x 60 x 3.5"


Urbanity: images of architecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, Fort Collins, CO
International Art Expo, Javit's Center, New York
The Jericho Project's 5th Annual Winter Benefit, Westwood Gallery, New York

7th Annual Benefit Raffle, P.S. 122 Gallery, New York
The Gift Show, Mastel + Mastel Gallery, New York
Postcards from the Edge, Sara Meltzer Gallery, New York
The Jericho Project's 10th Annual Fall Benefit, New York Academy of Sciences, New York
Digital Dumbo, Mastel + Mastel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Summer Group Show 2001, Mastel + Mastel Gallery, Brooklyn, NY 
On Language: Text and Beyond, Center Galleries, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI
Men at Art, Special Auctions,

Substance, NeoImages, New York
Postcards from the Edge, Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York
First Friday, Well Fed Artist Gallery, Philadelphia, PA
Open Studio, Studio 84, Brooklyn, NY
The Jericho Project's Art and Wine Event, New York Academy of Sciences, New York
International Young Art, Special Auctions,
O Lucky Day! Nine artists stack the odds in your favor, Curator: Alison Bing,
Cow Parade New York 2000, Bryant Park, New York, NY
MoCA Art Auction 2000, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
Living La Vida Saludable, Women's West side Health Center Gala 2000, Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel, CA
ArtLink@Sotheby's International Young Art 2000, Sotheby's: Tel Aviv, Chicago, Vienna
Sharjah Arts Museum, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Mike Rollins / Symbols + Language: A New Interpretation, Gallery: Function Art / Uzelac Gallery, Pontiac, MI
Mike Rollins / Race Paintings, Gallery: Function Art, Pontiac, MI
Size Matters, Gale GAtes et al., Brooklyn, NY

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