My desire to pursue art evolved out of an appreciation for materials and the process and technique required to manipulate them. It was the familiarity of problem solving and the opportunity to make objects, which support, store, and divide both our person and our possessions, which has led me to be comfortable with the label artist. Furniture making has become an avenue that I am able to successfully navigate in order to see an idea through from concept to product. Through my education I have been able to develop a body of work that depends not on pragmatic solutions or limitations, but rather on the consistent pursuit of personal development through design, experimentation, and execution.

My approach to working has been dependent mainly on the formal aspects of material combinations and composition. This pursuit has led me to make work that draws heavily on the elements of chance and the spontaneity of gesture. This basis response establishes a framework, which then serves as the basis for the form of the work. My continued interest in texture, color, and line has encouraged me to explore forms that are based on simple constructions found in nature, as a jumping off point. The foundations of these forms have drawn from such inspirations as the structure of an atom to the workings of nests and animal habitats. The evolution that is starting to take place in my work is that there is less of a dependence on an inspirational form but a shift of looking into the basic parameters that establish this form and the lines that when simplified are found as the basis for gesture and spontinaiety. This new work has become about the process of mark making and resulting outcomes of such exploration.

A reliance on the direct qualities found in drawing, rather than an overly preparatory approach, has allowed this work and the ideas behind it to progress on a rapid and satisfying pace. With a desire to find a less limiting way of working with wood and furniture forms, I developed a process of building that has allowed me to use line as an important intuitive design element in the construction and shaping of form. Starting with charcoal drawings, I am able to create a series of parts and then draw into space with them, creating forms that have a particular energy or direction. From the resulting structures I have been able to move on to drawing directly onto the surface of my furniture forms, with the most current evolution being the development of gesture into the form and construction of the work and the integration of drawn surface qualities.



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