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Comments and Quotes from the Clients

Hrand DV., AR:
"The Chandelier looks magnificent! I am very pleased. I wish I had not been on vacation when it was installed - I would have been interested in watching it go up. I have a number of pictures of it at my desk! One taken of it reflecting in the black granite floor below. Really Great!"
Thanks again!"

Andrew D., PA:
"What's beyond "wow"? Whatever that is, that's how I would describe the finished piece. I have literally stared at it for hours, and I still marvel. It is absolutely perfect. Size, shape, drop, length, colors...perfect! I will take some new pictures and send them - it's as if my entryway was made to display that piece. Neighbors have been stopping by, and I just love watching them gasp. One of the development's sales staff said that it's the most beautiful chandelier she's ever seen. Ed sent it with two 100watt daylight incandescent bulbs; it really puts out the light. However, at night, it's too bright and the colors get washed out. I couldn't get a good picture. So Saturday I went out and bought dimmers, and now it's perfect. Our home is the first one when you enter the development; one of the neighbors called it "the beacon".
The finished product is worth every bit of work that it took, I want to thank you again for making this happen."

Francois H., KS:
"Thanks again for working with us on this project. We put it up last night and...WOW! We really love it. Thanks, again for everything."

Linda W., NJ:
"Many thanks for taking what must have been a 20-hour detour on your way to Philly in order to come here to install our wonderful new chandelier. Even Henry. . . who, I can now admit was a bit hesitant to commission the piece because commissions don't always come out the way one thinks they will. . .yes, even Henry. . .agrees that it is absolutely beautiful. It's everything we thought it would be. Please extend our thanks to Ed as well. We are delighted with the results and we're looking forward to lots of "oohs" and "aahs" when we begin to entertain again."