"From both an Artist's and a business-person's point of view, my prime concern is placing the client's true satisfaction at the forefront of all design and material considerations.  Working directly with the client through all phases of a project, including design, color, and materials, ensures that they are an integral part of the production process and completely satisfied with the outcome." 

Pellar Designs has dramatically impacted the image of functional art furniture.  A Pellar-designed table, mirror or accent piece can enhance any interior. I provide innovative artwork executed in a wide variety of materials for the residential, commercial, and corporate setting.  Specializing in sandblasting, sandcarving, and etching of original artwork into glass, mirror, marble, granite, Color-core, Corian, Formica, hardwoods, metal, and wood laminates.

A revelation in edge-lit glass-top tables, pedestals and shelving units… Artistically blending form and-function, technique and technology to create truly unique furniture pieces.

Etched and carved mirrors combined with sandblasted laminates and a variety of applied objects, create accent wall pieces or entire wall treatments to enhance any room or decor.

One-of-a-kind entry and/or interior doors, sidelights, transoms, etc. with all artwork and objects scaled to the inside of the thermaled units.  Incorporating etched and carved glass, hand blown leaded glass, painted and applied glass with applied objects...

Most work is custom designed due to the unique materials used.  Pellar Designs has an extensive collection of original designs from Contemporary to Tribal. Ken Pellar is available for a private consultation to discuss the unlimited options available.


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