My mission is to create unique and rewarding relationships with customers by enabling them to experience the myth, mystery and fantasy in my creations. I envision a brand that is instantly recognized as a purveyor of fine products for home and office that capture and inspire customer's passion, emotion and imagination.

Our new TEX-MIX collection is an innovative combination of ancient and modern weaving skills that bring to life unique designs never attempted in rug making before. It is also a mixture of different crafting processes that yield an unusual collage of textures. More than anything, it is a visual odyssey on textures inspired in part by observing my son draw and driving through urban areas to study textures of character and age. This collaboration with my son and observing him sketch was a priceless organic and elemental visual therapy. I also had the extreme pleasure of culling through hundreds of his precocious visions on paper for the four rugs he has in the TEX-MIX collection.


Sterling Silver
11.5 x 12 x 5.5"
order only - approx. 6 week delivery

Sterling Silver
11 x 13 x 3"
order only - approx. 6 week delivery

Sterling Silver
11" tll
order only - approx. 6 week delivery

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