I have a question for you.

Do you think an artist understands his own creation? For me, my art is more a personal question sent in a bottle in the ocean. But you are the ocean.

Francois Mitterrand said one day, "I love the person who is searching, yet I am afraid of the one who thinks he has found the answer." In my life I have much more pleasure with the questions than with finding the answers, except when the answer is a new question.
And that is where the obsession to create begins.

I am proud if you see my work more as a sweet interrogation, then as an affirmative message. I don't want to say, "This is what I am doing and you have to understand". Nor do I want to proclaim a rigid and affirmative statement. The spectator is a part of the creation. The title of the sculpture is merely an opening for the imagination. My hope is that you feel involved in the movement of this three dimensional emotion. But understand that the movement is you, not the sculpture.

Some scientists say water has memory. I think wood has memory, too, because of its individuality, its smell, its temperature, its origin. This medium is strong, smart, full of character, unexpected - very feminine. A wood sculpture is unique not only by its shape, but also by the moment when its creator needed help and allowed the medium to take some initiative. Nothing is more boring than to be totally in control.

For THE QUESTION how long to make a sculpture?
the answer is three seconds -- three seconds for the idea + two hands + some good friends -et voila. When you have the wonderful chance to have good fingers, you understand very quickly that the idea precedes the ability.


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