Working with the human form allows me an outlet through which I explore the nature of existence. I am particularly interested in our suffering and, in turn, our need for healing; spiritually, physically, and mentally. The cycles of life, growth and decay, and the seeming duality of the body and the soul also influence my thought. Much of these influences are found in my individual figures. Made of both cast glass and electro-formed copper, each material has a metaphorical significance. The cast glass represents our ethereal nature; mind, spirit, soul, and imagination. The copper is symbolic of humanity's ephemeral existence; body, flesh, shell, skin, and armor. Our lives are a delicate blend of the ethereal and the ephemeral. I find that the juxtaposition of these materials allows me to express the human form in a meaningful way.

In addition to the figures, I have also had a fascination with antique tools and their functions. In many ways the tool is an extension of the human form. Thus, I have been experimenting with a metamorphosis of body parts and tool forms. This experimentation has further led to the development of more abstract and organic vessel forms, the Neshama Vessel Series. These "vessels", whose name is taken from the Hebrew word for God-breathed spirit of man, are formed using human fingers as the wall of the vessel. Cast in glass, these vessels become containers of light.

I have found glass to be the perfect medium to convey my ideas. Glass has the unique ability to express so many human emotions. It can be cold, hot, hard, fragile, bright, dull, etc. In addition, the translucency of cast glass has the ability to "hold" light. It is in capturing this inner glow that keeps me continually intrigued by glass.

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