Andrew Muggleton is a contemporary furniture designer working in Mystic, Connecticut. He designs and creates innovative, high quality modern furniture by bending and shaping exotic woods and blending other materials such as metal and glass to achieve the desired concept.

The method of making curved furniture is a complex process, which has been practiced for centuries. A shaped mould and a vacuum press are used. Many thin layers of wood are joined together, placed on the mould and inserted into a vacuum press. The vacuum press shrinks itself around the mould, contorting the wood over the new shape. The press delivers a cumulative pressure of almost 4 tons, over the new design. Once the body of the work had been created in this way, the same process is used to apply beautiful veneer onto the surface.
Simplicity in life is difficult and complicated to achieve. It is easy to have too much going on and spend too much time organizing it. This is the same approach Andrew takes when designing furniture. Keeping the design simple is one of his hardest and most rewarding challenges. It is the desire for simplicity, which helps Andrew avoid the common trap of filling empty space with unnecessary clutter.

Everything in nature is curved, from the smooth pebbles on a beach to an egg. Sharp jagged edges do not make you feel at ease, but a field of straw bending in the wind, that is inviting. This is the reason why Andrew's work involves such beautiful subtle curves.

Andrew involves engineering, structure and architecture into his pieces. It is these three things, which inspire him constantly in everyday life. Buildings, bridges, archways, new and old, all provide a fundamental foundation for his designs.



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