Artists' Bio

Mary Mullaney and Ralph Mossman have come to be known by their peers and fellow glass artists as a charming and agile team in the field of glassblowing.

As a husband/wife duo collaborating as equal partners in the production of each piece, they are unique in the way they move and work together to create their contemporary glass. Partnering together for over fourteen years provides them with the coordination and grace required to create beautiful and technically complex work which, due to the intricately delicate and precise use of pattern, evokes a sense of wonder in the viewer.

Mary and Ralph produce very limited quantities of an ever-changing variety of glass objects. Each piece is unique. Their emphasis on functional pieces reflects their dedication to continuing the tradition of fine handblown glass, and results in a highly decorative and elegant feel to the work.

Artist's Statement

After years of working collaboratively on every piece of glass we made, we have taken more time over the last couple of years to develop our own artistic visions. These new vessels are more time-consuming, individual artworks compared to the mostly production work we've done in the past, and we have found great satisfaction in designing and working on pieces which require a significant commitment. Although we still work together every time we blow glass, the new work reflects our individual directions.

Ralph Mossman's digital vase series is inspired by his interest in digital imaging as well as a fascination with all the little dots in newspaper photos. The analytical aspects of producing these pieces are an interesting counterpoint to the more intuitive process of glass blowing.


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