"Untitled" 2006
Alphabetized sentences of the complete books of Akaranag Sutra and the Kalpa Sutra, King James Bible, Confucius Analects and Mencius, Mahanirvana Tantra, Quran, Hindu's Rig Veda, Sikhism's Shn Guru Granth Sahib, Hebrew's Tanach, Tao Te Ching, The Gospel of Budda, and Zozoastianism's Zend Avista.
78" x 78" -
pigmented inks on photo rag

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The Series “All”

Using text to describe text pieces seems a little redundant, so I thought I would draw this artist statement. I cannot draw, so I thought I’d describe the drawing. First, since I cannot draw, everything is in two dimensions. Stick figures populate the land, including myself. I am a stick figure sitting on a tiny stick chair. I stare at a small square on top of a larger square. The small square is my computer. The large square is my desk. I sit there for hours on end. Over my head is a bubble, with smaller bubbles leading to a circle on top of my stick figure body. Inside the bubble are words. They say something like this- “What does the name of every movie ever released in the United States look like?” For months these words do not change. Finally, the little stick figure gets up out of the stick chair, walks out of a square with a triangle on top, and gets in a little poorly drawn car, with a curly-cue of smoke coming out the back. I drive down to a large rectangle (my studio), go inside and make a square. The square is very large and it is filled with words…many, many words. After several long days the stick figure leaves this large rectangle, gets back in his car and drives home. I sit back down on the stick chair and stare at the small square sitting on top of the large square. A new bubble appears over my head, this time filled with a new question. I begin to type and eventually a second stick figure comes down a jagged, slanting line (stairs) and tells the first stick figure to come up to bed.

Years go by and other stick figures begin to ask why I make these squares. I get nervous because, really, I’m not sure why I do anything. The bubble over my head is blank. At night I lie down in the rectangle that is my bed and pick up a smaller rectangle with the words Art in America on it and read why other stick figures make their squares, rectangles, and other assorted shapes. This doesn’t really help. One day, however, while mowing tiny vertical lines sprouting from the bottom of the page, a bubble suddenly appears over my head. In the bubble are words. They say this- “Is anybody taking notes here?” I realize this is what I am doing. I am keeping track of what we are doing. We are making it all up, and I am writing it all down. All and Nothing; we live between two eternities of darkness. These are brief glimpses of the former before disappearing into the latter.

"First Date"
name of every restaurant in the United States
96 x 96" - resin on photo rag

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