John Miller concentrates on blown glass with several diverse bodies of work. The first series pays homage to Claes Oldenburg, whose larger-than-life pop sculptures of everyday objects inspired John to investigate the translation of everyday goblets and glassware to oversize proportion. His jumbo wine and martini glasses (some holding as much as 5 gallons) have been exhibited nationally in galleries and at the SOFA exhibition in Chicago.
A second series, the Corset Series,involves blowing vibrantly colored glass through fabricated copper strictures. In opposition to other artists investigating metal forms with glass, who allow the glass to pass through voids in the metal, John uses thecopper form to dictate the symmetry and finished form of the vessel.
The third series, which is untitled, investigates anthropomorphic forms, both standing and wall-mounted. Nicknamed "monster tongues" by younger viewers, the wall-mounted pod forms explore color and translucency while suggesting chrysali or larvae. The standing works reference ocean life, suggesting urchins, coral, and other sea creatures.


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