Artist Statement

I attempt to infuse my work with a “Beethoven dynamic” which is the ability to weave melodic filigree out of molten steel and tempering it with power and passion.

The origin for my furniture and sculpture is the delineation of the silhouette. I visualize the piece in a black, monolithic material rather than wood. If the form has visual impact in this black dress it will be that much more potent when endowed in wood or cast bronze.

Artist BIO

Woodworking and the act of creating were always just pulsating below the old epidermis. It was at an early age when my mother first showed me how to grasp a hammer. My coronation occurred at eight when I received my first set of tools: a hammer, a handsaw, and an electric drill. I’m sure my parents had second thoughts about that electric drill after I proudly put holes through both the dining table and the kitchen table.

I could see that it was not going to be smooth sailing up the river to woodworking. Being a good Jewish, middle class boy there was a major sandbar, namely college pre-med. I nixed that fast after I experienced my first proctology examination. I thought maybe being an architect would be a fair compromise only to realize that I was never to be Howard Roark.

mini-leaf table - African Mahogany w/aniline dye & polyurethane - $2100.The parents relented and I was released to study under Bobby Falwell at Northern Illinois University. Bobby Falwell did his graduate studies under Wendell Castle at Rochester Institute of Technology. I proceeded to learn the gospel as handed down by Wendell via Bobby. Those years at Northern Illinois University were a time of nothing but woodworking and women where I created the beginning of my aesthetic vocabulary and my Achilles heel…women. Many of the pieces, such as the Rump Table and Plant Stand, that I created during college were very strong. I still get orders for them.



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