Josef Klingler Jr. is a Chicago artist working in a variety of creative realms. Josef Studied at The Art Institute of Chicago, Columbia College,
The Palette and Chisel Academy of Fine Arts and The Evanston Art Center. While on a vacation in Japan a few years ago, he was inspired by the awesome beauty of Japanese architecture and crafts. In Kasama, Japan, Josef was admiring a group of well known potters at work. He asked one artist if he could try his hand at the potters wheel, and after a short demonstration, Josef completed a series of small but attractive bowls and cups, shocking the Japanese potters with his immediate success. This was Josef's initiation into ceramics. Josef continued his studies when he returned to Chicago. Studying under Karen Avery, Xiaosheng Bi and learning much from others at Lillstreet Art Center. These beautiful, one-of-a-kind miniature teapots are largely inspired by his sojourn in Japan. Not having nor desiring much formal instruction in teapot design and construction, Josef has developed and continues todevelop a truly unique approach.
These miniatures started out as small prototypes for larger pieces. Josef immediately realized that the 2 to 8 inch pieces had their own unique visual power. They now have become a bit of an obsession. The teapots presented here are each individually hand-made on a potters wheel using red terra-cotta clay .
Hand built handles, knobs and other embellishments are added. Carving and sculpting may also be employed. A combination of
experimental underglazes and glazes are meticulously applied. They go through a series of firings and re-glazing to achieve the colors and textures that Josef wishes to and sometimes is surprised to attain. Each Piece is carefully considered, handled and created as an individual work of art. If one had the notion to use the teapots, they are food safe, but because of their size and delicate nature their primary function is purely aesthetic.


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