I have been creating sculpture since 1965. I have worked in many mediums but metal has remained my passion. My sculpture represents my vision of form and space as it symbolizes ideas. It is a metaphor for my formal and philosophical concerns and is a reflection of my life experience. It is these ideas and concepts that set my work apart from the historical and industrial influences from which I draw my connections. I have developed the physical resources to actively construct my sculpture in my own studio. My creative process requires organizing separate parts into a whole. Much of this activity is initially spontaneous. Once a group of relationships is perceived they are united using various methods of construction. I am committed to creating large-scale work and as a result my sculpture is most often installed outdoors.

My sculpture incorporates ideas of transcendent movement from one plane or state of existence to another through the experience of the passage of time in space. It is a tribute to the evolutionary processes of life as we experience it on the human plane and in the transcendent experience inherent in life?s journey. Ideas such as, moments of passage, gateways, transcendence, metamorphosis, and manifestation allude to an evolutionary process we all share in common. Through the creative process a hierarchy of elements become symbols for these concepts by celebrating each as an event in the form of sculpture.

Rays public installations :

Krasl's Sculpture Walk at Silver Beach - St. Joseph, Michigan, Berrien County Parks

Pier Walk '98, Chicago,IL

Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, IL

Ferris State University - Big Rapids, Michigan

Oakton Sculpture Park, IL




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