I prefer to work within a set of limitations. I believe that there are great possibilities for artistic expression within the boundaries of functional formation. My artwork considers function along with the natural qualities of sculptural objects. I strive to create ceramic objects that bridge the gap between traditional pottery concepts and sculptural forms. My present interest is in demonstrating how the casting process translates a dimensional surface treatment from a decorative embellishment on the outside into a physical representation on the inside.

Jared Jaffe graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 1991. Since then he has exhibited extensively both regionally and nationally. Some of the craft shows that Jared has participated in are the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, The Baltimore ACC Craft Fair and the New York International Gift Fair. His publications include several books, magazines and newspapers such as The Boston Globe, The Las Vegas Sun, USA Today and The Washington Post. He was the former Shop Technical Assistant at the University of the Arts and the Assistant Manager of the Philadelphia Pottery Supply. He is presently seeking his Master of Fine Arts at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he teaches part time. His work is currently on view in the E Pluribus Artist V exhibition at the Clark County Parks and Community Services County Government Center Rotunda through August 8, 2003.

The Artful Teapot
, Garth Clark, Watson Guptill, ©2001,

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