I manipulate perceptions and form. Inspiration comes from the organic world, which is never static. Having a science background assists me in studying forms with a clinical eye.

Sometimes the challenge I create for myself is to mimic with precision organic matter as nature has constructed it. Other times I distort to abstraction and yet another time I will dissect form to reconstruct it in ways that challenge our perceptions of mass. I like to explore the ways planar forms can be juxtaposed to create the visual illusion of a unified mass. Often I use vitreous enamel and color to focus the eye on the positive space, which highlights form against the negative space. My forms elicit from viewers a desire to touch them, a response which I feel is necessary to experience an intimate interaction with objects.

Most recently, I’ve begun exploring the techniques used in painting the Limoges and grisaille enamelwork. My interpretations are found in my jewelry and the wall work.

In summation my own skills and metal’s properties are the boundaries I push against. Perceived wholeness or mass is the variable I manipulate in my forms. The possibilities are infinite. Beyond all other concepts and precepts, my work is to be touched, to call forth an emotional response and to strike a chord of connectedness between us.


“Oh Peony, Peony” Perfume Vessel
Sterling silver
3 x 3 x 3”
SOLD / $475.

“Ascension” Perfume Vessel
Sterling silver
3 x 2.5 x 1.5”

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