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My love of woodworking is not only for the beauty and mystery of the material, but in the inventing of new techniques and processes to create objects.The materials I use relate to the objects I make. At times, a piece of salvaged wood will become a starting point of design. Other times, a design will call for a piece of wood with incredible grain. Using plain wood, like birch allows me to approach the object as a three dimensional canvas. Here, I can apply a variety of surface design techniques to express an idea.My work tells stories from my life, places I’ve been, people I’ve met, architecture, our environment. These stories are interwoven into the objects I create. Craft goes beyond the pleasure of our senses and deals not only with aesthetics, but our social and ideological lives.Fascination with how turned forms can be manipulated keeps me excited about future possibilities related to woodturning.


Michael Hosaluk, craftsman, artist, designer and educator, lives outside Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, with his wife Marilyn and four children.Michael is internationally recognized as one of the worlds most creative “turners” which is demonstrated by the great demand for his teaching skills and for his work to be included in exhibitions.He has lectured and demonstrated extensively throughout Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand,Great Britain, and France.
His works have been exhibited in Canada, Australia, Taiwan, France, Germany, China, Japan, and the
United States. The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, The Woodturning Center in Philadelphia and the
Saskatchewan Arts Board in Regina are among the collectors who have included his work in their permanent collections.
Michael is comfortable using any media that serves his purpose. His work covers a wide range of objects
and materials ranging from functional vessels and furniture through to entirely sculptural pieces.
He is constantly challenging the limits of interpretation in the field of woodturning. As a result, his work
displays a strong command of material used to explore exciting ideas.
He retains close ties with traditional and at the same time breaks free of those ties to explore entirely new directions.
His work is humorous and elegant, possesses character and gesture, full of references to architecture,
nature and culture.
Michael remains active in his community, freely sharing with others what he has learned, and is committed to creating a greater awareness of crafts in Canada and throughout the world.

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