The impetus of my work is the exploration of identity and all of the histories, influences, emotions and behaviors that make up that identity. The work as a whole is representative of what I call my 'personal myth:' a perspective on my life story that encompasses both life changing experiences as well as the life-long behavioral issues they inspire. The creation of work from my own personal myth is an attempt to find some sort of balance between the person I was raised to be and the person I am becoming.

Through the process of exploring the nuances of my identity, the work that I create has become more layered and interactive. My intent is to engage the viewer not with the practicality of use, but with the challenge of discovery. By physical interaction the viewer can expose the layers of each piece, uncovering its most essential and revealing elements. By exploring a small part of my unique personal myth I invite the viewer to contemplate his or her own personal history. Viewers will come to the work with their own set of experiences, making unique associations poignant to their own particular set of circumstances.


Journey (detail shot above)
Sterling & copper
4 x 6.5 x 4.5”


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