April Wagner and Jason Ruff work collaboratively as epiphany. The artists met and began creating works together in 1993. The word epiphany is defined as "...insight into the essence of an object and/or material." Their artistic method of creating together speaks of combined aesthetics and sensitivity to the inherent properties of a medium.

April and Jason are involved in the creation of each piece from the beginning to the end. Unlike many studios that have apprentices creating certain lines, April and Jason have always felt strongly that they create the artworks entirely themselves. This does not mean just the actual glass elements of each piece either. For example, in the "Iris" series the stainless steel stands are ground, buffed, welded, and custom fit to each Iris sculpture by Jason.

April and Jason have been showcased in numerous galleries (Prism Contemporary Glass), museums (Corning Museum of Glass and the National Liberty Museum), corporate and individual collections (collections), trade shows (ACC and Rosen), and outdoor festivals. epiphany has exhibited and received awards in some of the most prestigious juried art shows in the United States including the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO, the Ann Arbor Art Fair, in Ann Arbor, MI, Coconut Grove Art Festival, in Miami, FL, and the Winterpark Art Festival, in Orlando, FL.


Orange with granny apple rim
blown glass
6.5 x 9.5 x 8.5"


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