Artist Statement

As a Studio Furniture Maker I approach my craft from a personal perspective. Influenced by the history and tradition of which I am part, I infuse the pieces I make with my own aesthetic and creative vision.

The process of transforming my ideas from concepts to completed pieces is very important to me. It involves sketching, writing, large drawings, model making and mock ups. I relish the moments when, almost effortlessly, one decision leads to another purposefully.

Over the years, my work has developed through explorations of various forms, diverse woods and unique surface treatments. I use fine woods to present strong backgrounds on which I juxtapose colorful surface treatments. The incised markings in my work are intuitive hieroglyphs, intended to evoke personal interpretations from each viewer; they are a response to the inundation of images from our visually sophisticated world. Symbols from symbols. Additionally, I carve Morse code messages, utilizing the code from a visual perspective rather than its essentially audible form. All the while, I strive to expose the sculptural aspects of furniture’s relationship to its environment.

Ultimately, it is my intent that the combination of materials, forms, textures and colors result in objects that are pleasing on many levels while providing inspiration to see furniture from a new perspective.


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