My life and my work have always been greatly influenced by the natural world. I live and work in a rural mountainous area and spend a great deal of time in a quiet and wild setting. My forms are an interpretation and organic conglomeration of what I see in my daily life. Any look at nature reveals a world that is remarkable in it's precarious balance and inevitable disintegration and change. This ever changing world is a constant source of inspiration for me as I create pieces that are either in an unlikely state of balance, merging or dividing, showing signs of fracture and disintegration, or are indicative of weathering and erosion. I am interested in simple, elemental forms that can be a metaphor for humankind's relationship to nature. Similarly, I am drawn to cast off, weathered industrial items that serve as a contrast to my natural elements and are representative of the influence of man in nature. I find in the relationship and presence of both these organic and industrial forms an elusive essence that speaks of the ongoing metamorphosis of our world.

In the Realm of the Senses -
35” x 19” x 48”
Pigmented epoxy, cottonwood branches, white ash, poplar, fir, acrylic.

A "very serious" piece about the essence of life.What came first, the egg or the being?The curve or the desire?
Also a tribute to the Japanese film director Nigish Oshimafrom who's 1976 film I took the title for this table

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