Together, Frederic A. Crist and David W. Munn have over 30 years experience in designing and forging metalwork in such areas as large entrance gates, exterior and interior lighting, railings, furniture and sculpture.

Mr. Crist received a BFA in sculpture from Philadelphia College of Art in 1977. He was employed by Samuel Yellin Metalworkers from 1977 until 1988. While at the Yellin Shop he advanced to the position of Mastersmith and has executed major works for the city of Philadelphia, the National Cathedral in Washington DC, the University of Pittsburgh as well as numerous private and public commissions.

As a sculptor Mr. Crist exhibits work at The Reynolds Gallery in Richmond, Virginia, Agora Gallery in Soho, NYC, as well as other exhibitions in Baden Wurttenburg, Germany; Tianjin, China; New York and throughout the United States. In 1999 he was awarded a professional Fellowship in Sculpture from The Virginia Museum.

etalsmiths produces hand-forged sculptural and architectural works made in iron, steel and brass. All pieces are custom-designed and executed using traditional blacksmithing techniques and joinery, such as mortise & tennon construction, hot collaring, riveting and forge welding. All elements of a particular item are heated to a forging temperature (2200 f) in a coal or gas fixed forge, then hammered and shaped over the anvil while hot to create the final form. Decorative elements are created by hot carving with chisels and/or using repoussé techniques to achieve the desired effect.

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