Since 1997, Julie’s passion for glass led her to explore the boundless forms of her medium utilizing her skills in the creation of hot, blown glass, lampworked glass forms, and cast glass sculpture. Combining her traditional knowledge from her studies with European masters, and her contemporary artistic vision with the design of function, her work is dynamic and revolutionary.

Julie continually expands her studies and works internationally with glass masters from Murano, in Venice, Italy, the Czech Republic, France and the US, allowing her the opportunity to have been a teacher assistant in international glass schools in Venice and Istanbul. Her trips abroad teach her much about the deep-rooted history of the medium of glass and allow her to bridge this tradition with contemporary design.

With the combination of many styles of glass making, Julie custom designs glass chandeliers, light fixtures, architectural accents, and unique sculpture. She collaborates on an ongoing basis with architects and designers to create extraordinary lighted glassworks and installations.


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