"We strive to create objects that continue to reveal their beauty over time with patterns that engage the eye, forms that are sensual and color that harmonizes throughout."

J.M. Syron and Bonnie Bishoff believe that people have a strong resonance with the basic elements of design found in nature and they try to reflect those lines and patterns in their furniture. Their primary mediums are wood, polymer clay and fabric. Combining these diverse mediums give them the forms and the surface designs that are the main focus of their work. Repetition also plays a large part in their designs with inspiration from fractal geometry patterns, like those found in shells, plants and even cells.

Syron and Bishoff have been collaborating in the design and making of furniture since 1987. Both artists delve into the mediums of wood and polymer clay throughout the process of creating. By using techniques from other mediums with the polymer clay such as mokume gane from metal working or millefiore-like canes from glass, they have been able to create surface patterns with the depth and complexity of highly figured wood. The wooden elements are created from hand carving, shaping and veneering. The end goal is to combine these mediums resulting in vibrant pieces where all elements sing together.


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