Dolphin Table

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A self-taught sculptor and furniture designer from Detroit, his works have been exhibited in major cities around the world, including New York, Chicago, Paris, and Tokyo . Mr. Bennett has also executed a number of important public commissions, including several for Detroit’s Museum of African-American History. Private furniture, architectural, or sculptural commissions are truly this man’s forte!
Interestingly, Richard’s initial experiences with metal(s) came as a structural welder for industrial and aerospace companies… from that background, he has gained a mastery of nearly all means of metal joinery and welding, and a level of precision in his own work that surpasses most artists… he truly deserves the title “craftsman”. His designs all seem lighter than the space they occupy – a condition which has led critics to observe that his works “flirt with gravity”.
An excerpt from Interiors Magazine (July, 93) states “...His familiarity with stone, steel, and wood is reflected in the grace with which he mixes them, and in the ease with which he moves back and forth between art and furniture, blurring the lines at will….” 



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