"The vessels of Michael and Maureen Banner resemble nothing so much as the perennial flowers that surround their rural Massachusetts home and studio. Sturdy and knotty at the base, the silver forms rise in graceful, arching plumes to aspire to the sky. More organic than representational, these vessels distill the gestures and lines of the natural world."

Completely functional vessels of sterling silver made of sterling silver or gold. The works are hand wrought using traditional silversmithing tools and techniques. Enchanted by the creative process of designing a new piece, we debate, brainstorm, draw - together. Silver moving and joining is challenging. Functional works are tricky to make using traditional, low-tech tools and techniques. Adoring silver smithing, the more complex and exacting the construction, the more fun it is. Cut, anneal, hammer, wire solder, file, polish. Next!


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