Hye Sun uses a variety of Eastern and Western signs, symbols and found objects to express her personal commitment and boundless energy in integrating the two cultures that she lives in. The work draws from ancient Korean characters and the principles of yin and yang, focusing on the use of contrast and juxtaposition to illustrate the connection between all things and their inter-relationship.

People often find hidden messages that personally connect to aspects of themselves or their history in a way that transcends one’s culture of origin or spiritual orientation. One is struck by the peacefulness, and meditative effect that draws viewers deeper inward.




She has been working professionally as a Mixed Media Artist, since 1988.
Combining the love of fiber with mixed media on hand made paper, the work is innovative, and imaginative. She begins by making her canvas with traditional Korean mulberry paper and a wide range of natural fibers, including hemp, abaca and cotton linter. This innovative technique of casting, pulp painting, printing, embroidery, and embossing method make the work highly textured and tactile.

The goal of her work is to open up the possibilities within the medium of hand-made paper.

Hye Sun Baik’s work is represented in art galleries in Asia, Canada and the US, also at International Art expositions in Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Basel (Switzerland.)


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