Over the course of my life, I have always felt the conflicting need to balance the security of simplicity with the risk of complexity. My furniture continues this pattern with the use of space and detail: I use simple forms which give me a strong and safe foundation to embellish upon. Adding complex and vibrant marquetry to these basic forms is my way of challenging the viewer to take a chance and move beyond safety. The risk is in making sure that balance is achieved.
Marquetry is a process of using wood veneers of different species, colors, and grains, piecing them together to form the desired effect. Each of the pieces (often numbering in the thousands) are cut and fitted to the ones surrounding them in their correct relationship. They are then taped together with paper tape, an act repeated many, many times. Once the whole image is complete, forming one large sheet of veneer, it is adhered to a substrate material. The paper tape is removed by scraping and sanding, revealing the beauty of the woods below. This marquetry section is then incorporated into the designed furniture, providing you with a unique and striking work of art.

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